Training @ Infosys Mysore - DAY 0 | FIRST DAY FIRST SHOW!

Curiosity and anxiety are at the peak when you get set for Infosys Mysore. The first question that comes to mind is - What will happen on the first day? What process will be followed for admitting us into the Campus? How rooms will be allotted?
This following information is exclusively posted to help you find answers to all these questions - 


>> The First Day or Day 0 refers to the day before your joining date. Say your joining date is on 14th Jan 2012, then Day 0 refers to 13th Jan 2012.

>> You have to report on Day 0 (generally Sunday), You can also report at the campus on the joining date.
>> As soon as you reach the Mysore DC you will find the Infy Gate (Gate 1) where already people would be getting their offer letter shown to the security guards at the gate and getting admitted. If you have laptops then you would be instructed you to go to the security cabin besides the gate where they will record the service tag number of your laptop along with your name.
NOTE : Laptops and other memory storage devices are generally prohibited. Mails will be sent regarding the allowance of these devices

>> Then you have to go inside the main gate to one more stall where they will verify your identity by your driving license, passport or PAN card and then will mark your registration number on their sheet. (For the complete checklist of required documents refer to this post - Training @ Infosys Mysore - GET STARTED)

This way, they will get to know how many people are actually joining out of the total offers issued. This verification is generally done in alphabetical order of your names(or in the order of the selected students list provided by your college). So you have to endure waiting long hours in the queue.

>> Only 2 people (parents) along with you can enter the gate(GATE-2) and they will have to wait at the near by food court(Fiesta) until you finish all your procedure. Parents are not allowed to visit hostel buildings

>> Then you will be transported to the main building in a golf cart or Tata Sumo for room allocation and issue of ID cards.
TIP : Make sure You enter and register with your friend here, the probability is high that You two will get a shared room, happens in most cases.

>> Girls generally get shared rooms. Boys generally get single rooms. If You want friends to be in the same floor or block of the hostel they try to register for room allocation with your friends in a sequence because single rooms will be allotted in a sequence.

Facilities that you may use on the Day of Check in (Day 0 ):

  • You can use all the facilities at Employee Care Center from 6 am – 6 pm on Day 0 (Sunday) of your joining by buying the temporary facilities card for just Rs.50 (Validity - up to 12 am).
  • Movie tickets at the multiplex can be taken two hours before the screening of the movie. Kindly visit the multiplex to check for the show details.
  • Shop in Loyal World (within campus) for daily consumable goods.

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Vikash said...

I am in march 18th batch. I have not applied for passport yet. Will there be any problem because of that?

InfyLounge Bhaiya said...

In absence of passport you'll have to undergo a criminal background check, the cost of which will be borne by you, you should at least have a copy of your passport application to show that you have applied for passport

guddsz said...

tablets are allowed.?

Classical said...

Hi, Could you tell me the timing of reporting at Gate 1 on Day 0? I plan to take morning flight from my city to Bangalore, That means ill reach infy campus in the Evening prior to my joining date. Will that be ok?

Unknown said...

I am not apply the passport yet so I have any problem to join Infosys Mysore June 3...the I have posting of operation executive that job is very difficult or easy...plz answer me

Unknown said...

I am not apply the passport yet so I have any problem to join Infosys Mysore June 3...the I have posting of operation executive that job is very difficult or easy...plz answer me

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