Training @ Infosys Mysore - TPI & Training Streams


TPI is a special incentive Infosys trainees are awarded with after successful completion of the Training Program, i.e your salary on the first month after training completion.
TPI is awarded on the basis of your grades or GPAs scored during training program according to the following criteria :

* GPA 4 - 4.5 > Rs. 32000
* GPA 4.5 - 4.9 > Rs. 35000
* GPA 4.9 - 5 > 40000

So the better you score in your Training program the better is your first month Salary! J
NOTE : TPI is only for the first month after training completion, from the next month onwards you will be paid as per original packageFor Accomodation And Facilities refer to Training @ Infy Mysore - Accommodation & FACILITIES



  • Problem solving/Analysis Of algorithms
  • Computer Hardware & Software
  • OOP/OOC using Java
  • RDBMS Part -1
  • RDBMS Part -2 and
  • SE-IQS (Software Engg and Infosys Quality systems)
  • UI Designs


  • In-depth OOC
  • RDBMS deep-drive
  • UNIX
  • Client server Concepts
  • UXD(user experience)
  • IWT(Introduction to Web Technologies)

3. STREAM Modules

  • Dot. NET/Open System(OS)
  • PLES (Product Life Cycle and Engineering Solutions)/Stream Projects
  • SAP 
  • BI 
  • SFDC, Oracle Siebel, Mobility, BizP etc.

* The Grades are assigned as:
Above or Equal to 85 %- A, 75-84%- B+, 65-74%- B, 50-64%- C, Less than 50%- D

* Trainees scoring A in all the modules in ‘Generic-Core’ will enter Stream training directly. No intermediate training for them. Rest all of the trainees enter ‘Intermediate’

* Student must score 65% in all the modules in ‘Generic-Core’ and 65% Overall.
[Update: The required score for 'Generic Core' has been increased to 75%]

* No retests while other modules are in the session. Only after the entire ‘ Generic-core’ stage or ‘intermediate’ or ‘ stream’, retests are scheduled.

* You have to appear an English test (min 65% score)also, which will be included with your CGPA & TPI calculations.

* Trainees have to appear for Hands-On once again in retest.

* Trainees who have passed all the modules are given a chance to appear for retest to increase their TPI.

For the First day process refer to Training @ Infy Mysore - FIRST DAY FIRST SHOW!


Sajinnarayanan said...

Fast track selection there is small correction. One have to score above 75 percent in all 3 modules of generic. That is the present criteria

karthik said...

does every month salary differs based on CGPA after post complition training??

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