Training @Infosys Mysore | Assessment Test : Tips and Suggestions

  • Hands On test will be held after 10 days from your Joining and Objective Test after 11 days from your joining.
  •  Objective Test is of 100 marks( 33marks Programming, 33 marks RDBMS and 34 marks comprising of SE, IWT and OS of 1mark each question)
  • Hands On will comprise of 50 marks (25marks Java and 25marks RDBMS)
  • In this period, all will be provided with study materials for preparations and machines for practice.
  • If one scores more than 65% marks in both Hands On and Objective Test, he or she will be deployed to Stream Training.
  • Stream training will be of around 42 working days.
  • If one fails to score 65% marks then he or she will be deployed to Intermediate Training.
  • Intermediate Training will be of around 25 working days.
  • Intermediate Training comprises of regular classes.
  • Then after 25 days, you will sit for the Assessment Test again. If you pass then you will deployed into Stream Training.
  • If you again fail, you will be deployed into Augmented Training.
  • Augmented Training will be of around 10 days.
  • Then again you have to sit for the Assessment Test.
  • If you pass this, then you will deployed into Stream Training.
  • Else, Bye bye Infosys. (It rarely happens). So no worries.
  • Please note: In Augmented Training, there will be no classes. Only study materials will be provided, one needs to study by his or her own.

N.B.: In both Intermediate and Augmented Training, you have to cover all the 5 modules that you have learned in Online Training.

P.S.: Those who are going through Online Training now, I advice you to take it seriously.



 For objective part, we were given 2 hours or 2.30 hours[exactly I don’t remember], whatever time span might be, it was enough to complete the objective and that too we completed it comfortably, so don’t worry about that. Objective part comprised of  questions, based on 5 subjects –Java, RDBMS, OS, IWT and Software Engineering.  However one should keep in mind that for every wrong answer there is a negative marking of 0.25 too. The standard of objective questions was the same like your “Post Test”. (Apart from that, a sample question paper will also be uploaded after the completion of your course in that portal, so that one can refer it later).

Java: - Questions related to java were very simple, based on basics/fundamentals [very important, get your fundamentals clear]. Most of the questions were output related. Very few questions were theoretical.

RDBMS: - Questions asked in RDBMS section were of average standard. Most of the questions were based on queries. Some of the questions were based on output covering both queries and PL/SQL. It is highly essential that you should have clear knowledge about queries and proper syntax of pl/sql statements else you may get confuse .

OS: - Questions in this section were very easy. Some questions were direct and theoretical while others were numerical; yes you need to do some calculations. One should have clear knowledge about all concepts mentioned in the study material. Please don’t ignore any numerical, there is a high probability that you may face more numerical than simple and direct theoretical questions. Please solve ample problems related to process scheduling and page replacement algorithms as it is a very important section of  OS, you may get maximum questions from that.

IWT: - You will get simple and direct questions. There are few sections which you should take care of like network topologies, architecture, protocols, and load balancing. You should not face any problem in this section.

S.E-In this section you will get simple and direct questions. Please read thoroughly “software development life cycle”, various life cycles, quality.These are important topics of SE.

Now let’s move onto practical section:
First of all, we had to configure our systems as all systems are connected to LAN and we had to operate on servers. [Don’t worry, they will be instructing and guiding you throughout the process.]

Please note that, one has to code java programs using ECLIPSE and for RDBMS we have to use Oracle ( SQL plus). If one doesn’t have any idea about these, then please download and start using them as no other alternative will be given.

HANDS-ON/Practical ----------------------


It is quite interesting to know that this part is an open book meaning you will be provided with reference materials for in case u forgot syntax or faced any problem, you can refer it anytime. Time limit for “hands on” is 2 hours.

Java:- Again, question was very simple[Like we were given an interface and had to implement that interface in a class]. I would suggest you all, please read the question at least 2 times in order to understand the need of question because question will be very long and you may not get it in one go. All requirements will be given in the question itself, you just need to follow and code it. A class diagram would also be given stating what and how to implement. Believe me, it’s like skeleton is already being provided to you, you just need to give flesh (logic) in order to bring it in a proper shape. A simple tip I would like to give that try to break the question in to small parts/steps and code it in a sequence as per mentioned in the question satisfying the requirements. I think, you will find it easier this way.

In order to test your code whether it is OK or not, you will need a demo class or a class containing main method with/without values. This class will be given to you beforehand along with “files supplied”. One should be conscious about time factor as java programs will consume maximum of your time, so one should manage time efficiently. You need to submit error free and compiled code, it is a must. Please try to implement simple logic as far as possible; else you will get confuse by yourself only.

RDBMS: - Question related to RDBMS had 2 parts…
First part had 3 queries based questions. You have to make queries on table which may be pre-given (previously present on server) or you may have to create it by yourself as specified in the question. As in my case code to create the table was already been given in the question paper along with the data, we just had to “copy-paste” it (not a big deal).These query based question may be simple and direct/complex and tricky. So pay undivided attention to that while solving. If all goes well, it will take hardly 10 minutes to execute all three questions.

Then comes second part in which you have to code a pl/sql program. Like java, all requirements will be specified in question paper; you just need to code it. Be assured that pl/sql program will be easier as compared to sql or queries related questions.
After completing everything you will be asked to submit your java source code files and RDBMS source files .For RDBMS, you have to first write and execute commands, if it works fine then you just needs to copy and paste it in a text file, at the end you have to submit it.

Please keep it mind that you need to follow /adhere to all business conventions way of coding.
Few suggestions:

1) Please maintain a note while watching videos or studying material, it will help you in quick revision.
2) Please solve assignments of Java and RDBMS; it will help you a lot.
3) Please while watching videos pay your full attentions, as narrator may tell some points orally and you may miss it.
4) Please go through videos as well as study materials because some topics which are in videos are not covered in PDF and vice versa.

Sources -
Infosys (freshers of 2012 batch) - Bhanu Pratap


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