Training @ Infosys Mysore - DRESS CODE

Grooming Etiquettes are quintessential in the Corporate World. So before you get set go for Infosys Mysore make sure you've bought enough formal wears for the Training schedule. The DRESS CODE in Infosys Mysore is mentioned in the Information Sheet mailed by Infosys and you've to strictly follow the dress code. In case you're yet to receive the Information Sheet, here's a dress code summary for you - 



Monday - Tuesday
Business formal wears for boys include full-sleeved shirts, formal trousers, formal shoes and ties.

Full/Half Sleeve shirts,trousers, without ties and formal shoes.

* casuals and shoes(avoid sports shoes) or any of the above.


Monday to Tuesday
-Salwar (no sleeveless), Churidar, western formal like formal pant with formal Shirt (no sleeveless) and Saree.

Wednesday to Thursday
-Churidar, Salwar, Western formals (pants and shirts), Saree

-Casuals, Any of above, Skirts, Tops, Jeans.

Foot wear
-buy something that will last long cause you will have to walk almost 5km a day. Not walk exactly, but run. so buy something durable.

Implementation of Dress Code



Infosys is very particular about it’s dress code. In worst case scenario you will be fined for the wrong dress code. The Induction program includes session on Grooming and Dressing. One of the prime implementer of this dress code is the security inside the campus, e.g. if you are found without a tie on a Monday or a Tuesday then the first security guard you encounter will stop and question you about the same. (Tie relaxation is provided during summer)

Another integral part of the dress code is the ID card. The ID card is a must during work hours without which you won't be allowed access to official buildings, GECs, ECC facilities etc. In short make sure you have your ID card whenever you go around the campus.

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