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Infosys FPG Online Training - Assignment Solutions Download only via Google+ 

To stop the unfair distribution of these solutions on the internet, we've decided to publish the download links exclusively on our Google+ Page , so that only those who follow Infylounge on Google+ can download it. A post on Facebook Page is Public by default, hence we we will utilize the privacy feature of Google+ Pages.


With Google+ page the download links will be visible to only InfyLounge Followers rather than to Public. Please the follow the following steps to get your download Links -

How to get Download Links -

1. Visit InfyLounge page on Google+

2. Click on the Follow button to become a follower.
     If  you're already logged in to your Google Account just Click the Follow button in the sidebar Gadget -


3. You'll soon find the download links once you Follow us on Google+.


No more searching for download links on Google+

Download solutions directly from the below links :



If you require any sort of help then please comment freely in the Comment box below.

Solutions Submitted By :  Abhilash Nayak & Ashis Sarthak Singh

Ping them for any sort of help or suggestions.

DISCLAIMER : These solutions are not optimized, there can be several alternatives to these solutions. Any modifications or improvisations are welcome.

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