InfyLounge Poll Station

It's time for fun for Infoscions, all we've been doing these days is training and waiting for Infy mails! Presenting InfyLounge Poll Station - a place where you can vote for the funniest poll questions and know the trend among Infoscions. The Poll questions will be not like ordinary formal poll questions, they will be different, funny and crazy. So let's get started and answer these fun poll questions -

(Please vote for all the questions below, it will hardly take a couple of minutes.
And feel free to vote, your votes will remain anonymous.)

What will be your relationship status on Joining Infy Mysore? [Be Frank, this will be fun ;)]
What kind of Movies you like? [Infy Multiplex is waiting for you :)]

Infoscions have Unity in Diversity. Which part of India do you belong to?
What is the best thing about Infy Mysore?
These are some of the questions we could think of for now. If you have funnier and crazier questions to ask, then mention those questions with options in the comment box below. We'll include them in our post. And do share this post link with your friends if you them to vote for these questions :)

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