Infosys FPG Online - Post Test Questions & Solutions


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1. Problem Solving and Logic Building Post Test 
Download Link

2. OOC Using Java- Post test
Download Link

3. RDBMS Part1 - Post Test
Download Link

4. RDBMS Part2 - Post Test
Download Link

5. Operating System- Post-Test
Download Link

6. IWT - Post-Test
Download Link

7. Software Engineering - Post Test
Download Link

Contributed By :  +Prem Kumar
Prem Kumar is probably the most famous and the most helpful Infoscion On Facebook. He's the Admin and Creator of the famous Infosys - 2012 Freshers group on Facebook.


Prem Kumar said...

Make use of it ..... All the best to all :)

Satyaranjan Rout said...

to all in exams u gonna need this anyway

Saurabh Pandey said...

Thanks a lot bro...

anjani said...

can we get solutions for assignment questions anywhere ?

InfyLounge Bhaiya said...

yes we're planning to post solutions soon...plz vote on this poll on facebook, we'll post solutions once we get a consensus for doing that, here's the poll link -

Kavya said...

how to download the videos,i cant do it using connection is so slow ,and i cant attend the video lectures effectively..plz help

Pravesh Saxena said...

@Kavya u can change ur connection speed so that even if the video buffers for 1 sec also idm will catch the link and frm der u can download..!1 but still the downloading speed will be slow. So i would suggest u to change the connection speed.!!

Kavya said...

@ Pravesh Saxena i want to download the video,for refer it in der any way?IDM is not showing the download link in the infy site..can u able to download it?

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