Infosys Online Training | Points To Remember

With the introduction of the new Pre-Joining Online Training  by Infosys, curiosity levels among Infy recruits has been high continuosly. Everybody is keen to know the procedure and process of the Online Training and it's implications on the in-campus training to be held at Infosys Mysore. Following are some of the key points about the Online Training Program


1. Your Online Training (OT) will start close to your old DOJ.

2. You will get 70 days + 11 extra days to complete the online training.

3. You need to have a stable and fast Internet connection (preferably Broadband or 3G)

4. You need Mozilla or Internet Explorer(Version 9 or previous). You will find some problem if you access the OT through Google Chrome. And you need the Flash Player pre installed in your machine to stream video.

5. You can use multiple systems to access the online training. There is no restriction on it as people are finding it tough to access training portal from one system.

6. The marks in pre-tests, post-test and quizzes are not linked with the comprehensive test that you will appear in Infosys Mysore. These are for self evaluation.

7. You can download the videos if you can. Though it's not officially recommended (Use IDM or any other good Video Downloading software )

8. If you find any problem with the OT portal, Call 1800 3000 4747 to route your query and ask for help.

9. You don't have to submit the assignments through doc or pdf or by any format to anyone. These are given for self practices.

10. OT is not mandatory. If you don't take the OT, you might miss a chance to clear the Comprehensive Test as the syllabus in OT and Comprehensive Test are linked.

11. The Comprehensive Test which you'll appear in Infy Mysore will comprise of concept based Objective type question and Hands on exam.

12. If you fail the Comprehensive Test, you will be put on to Intermediate Batch where you will again have to study all these.

13. To pass the hands on test, practice and practice. Only watching videos will not be helpful if you don't practice.

Source : 
Infosys (freshers of 2012 batch) 


Mandeep said...

Is there any type of mail coming for online training If Yes ??My old DOJ is 24th April 2013 So please tell When i Suppose to recieve this mail

sanjana mishra said...

what is syllabus for online training??

jane said...

please help. this is regarding the e joining. i cant find where i have to confirm and fill the form, found the employment opprtunities-->my applications yet cant download it.

akhil said...

my online portal doesn't show anything,i am able to log in but still it doesn't show any modules.can anyone help??

InfyLounge Bhaiya said...

Must be a temporary problem. Wait for few hrs. Else call Infy Helpline

Aanchal Verma said...

Please tell me a way to download Online training videos.

SWAATHI said...


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