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A Webinar is a completely new phenomenon for all of Us ( almost all of Us !) But still it's an integral part of the Infosys FPG Online Training Program. So since it's a whole new thing many of Us face problems during the first Webinar Set-Up. This post is intended to simplify the Webinar Set-Up process for you - 

What is a Webinar ? 

From what we understand from our experience Webinar is simply an Online Seminar, where tutors teach us topics through a slide shows by an Online screencast aided by audio conferencing.

Requirements for Webinar Set-Up
Here's a screenshot of OS and Browser specifications for Webinar -

Tips for Webinar Set-Up - 
-> Use Firefox (latest version) and IE ( Preferably IE8 or IE9). You can use Google Chrome also but Chrome has been reported to vulnerable to technical glitches.

-> You must have a Java SE Plugin for your Browser / Active X plugin for IE. Firefox doesn't support Active X, but Java SE Plugin is enough for Firefox. If you haven't installed Java SE in your system Download Java SE
-> You needn't have a super fast Internet connection for Webinar, but your connection should have a minimum speed 56Kbps. (It worked for me without a broadband)

-> Once you Login for the Webinar, you'll need a WebEx Manager to  start or join an event, so you will need to download, install, and configure the WebEx Event Manager. The first time you join or start an event, the Event Manager will automatically be installed; however if it doesn't get installed automatically you download it here -

1.   For IE Windows

2.   For Firefox and Chrome Windows


You can ask your queries using both Voice ( use the Mic in your headphone) and chat window (as shown in the above screenshots). 

If you have more Tips about Webinar share with Us through your comments. If you find these tips useful then do spread the word by sharing post links with your friends.

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Pratyay Masanta said...

you have to ask your queries through chat window only because the voice communication from our side will be disabled from host side

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