New Infosys Mysore Training Format and Assessment

Hi All,

As we're receiving a lot of queries regarding the change in Infy Mysore Training format and pattern. we've come up with this post to give you some idea regarding the same.

However this information is not official info and has been collected from current trainees in y Mysore Infy.

So here are the few important facts about the new Training format/pattern :

1.The unit responsible for training E&R (Education and Research ) is changed to ETA (Education, Training and Assessment). The new unit will be responsible for sessions and Evaluation.

2. Duration of training has been reduced to 3 months.

3, The Generic and Stream courses have been modified and include following subjects :
  • Object Oriented Programming (Algorithm analysis and Java)
  • RDBMS (SQL with Oracle)
  • Software Engineering(SDLC, HTML)
  • Operating Systems
  • Spring, Mainframes (For Stream Only)

Training Pattern for Generic (unofficial) :

  • Java (7days) - (Objective - 50 marks, Hands-on - 20 marks, Alternate Hands-on -30marks)
  •  RDBMS (6days) - (Objective - 50marks, Hands-on - 50 marks)
  • Software Engineering (6days) - (Objective - 50 marks, Hands-on - 20 marks, Alternate Hands-on -30marks)
  • Qualifying Score in each module is 65%
  • Only One Retest will be conducted If you fail the above Exams.
  • 7days will be given for retest preparation (including 2 doubt clearing sessions)
  • If you fail in the retest you'll be asked to leave the company.

     So from the above facts you can get a good idea about how the difficulty level of Training has increased. Trainees will hardly get  any time to adjust, so its better to be prepared with the Generic subjects before you join Infosys Mysore Training.
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